SFI is Partnering with the Ukraine Humanity Center Being Established in Warsaw, Poland

Ukrainian Humanity Center

Ukraine Humanity Center being established in Warsaw, Poland

December 2022

Step Forward Initiative (SFI) is thrilled to partner with the Ukrainian Humanity Center (UHC), a new organization with the mission to be the bridge of hope as a safe place to join in community, providing education and support services for Ukrainian children and families finding refuge in Warsaw, Poland.  The US-based UHC team visited Poland in July 2022, where they had the opportunity to listen to stories from Ukrainian mothers and children of their narrow escapes from the Russian attacks on Ukraine. The group felt compelled to take action to create an organization that can improve the lives of these Ukrainian children and families. UHC is in the process of obtaining their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Until that is finalized, SFI will be accepting donations on behalf of UHC. Any donation to SFI and directed to UHC will be passed along in its entirety.