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SFI Supports Fence/Wall Project for Dib Bahir School
February 2024

Reconstructed Gate at the Dib Bahir School During the Tigray War in Ethiopia in 2021, the fence/wall around the school in...

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SFI is Partnering with the Ukraine Humanity Center Being Established in Warsaw, Poland
December 2022

Ukraine Humanity Center being established in Warsaw, Poland Step Forward Initiative (SFI) is thrilled to partner with the...

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Children Return to School in Dib Bahir
December 2022

Classroom at Dib Bahir School after conflict Beginning in October 2022, children began returning to school in Dib Bahir....

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Wars Stop Programs in Kalmykia and Ethiopia
November 2022

Early in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic shut down our ability to provide the tuberculosis clinic in Elista, Kalmykia, Russia...

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Dib Bahir School
September 2020

New classrooms at Dib Bahir School SFI is pleased to announce that it will again collaborate with Limalimo Lodge and the...

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Dib Bahir, Ethiopia, Primary School
September 2019

New classrooms at Dib Bahir School In January 2018, SFI co-founders Ron Haak & Darlene Markovich visited the village of...

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Support for Kalmykia TB Program
June 2019

Meeting with staff at Elista TB clinic SFI continues to provide GeneXpert assay cartridges to the Elista, Kalmykia, Russia,...

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SFI Participates in Funding Playground and Rehabilitation Area in Elista
September 2018

New playground in Elista, Kalmykia In May 2017, SFI approved participation in the funding of a playground and...

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Joy is Round in Kenya
March 2017

Making soccer balls at Alive and Kicking In 2017 SFI gave grants to five schools in Kenya. Three in the East Baringo area:...

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